Luxury tailor made bespoke services

I am proud to announce that I am partnering with Humphries of Henley and Clivedon House Hotel. I will be offering a bespoke experience to guests of Clivenden House but also those wanting a Personal Shopping experience that they will never forget. 

The bespoke Cliveden House personal shopping service is the ultimate luxury shopping experience.  Each client will be offered expert and knowledgeable assistance tailored to individual requests.

The experience will begin with a 30-minute consultation where the individual  will receive guidance on colours and styles, at this stage we will also agree a budget and the overall outcome come that they hope to achieve from the shopping trip.

Based on the consultation, I will prepare a shopping plan to make the most of our time together.

The fashion items will be carefully picked to match the individuals style, with a variety of accessories and labels to choose from. As part of this sensational experience, the client may also chose to receive a mini makeover at the hotel.

During the shopping experience, the client will be privy to insider fashion tips and trends, and given expert advice on personal styling including what colours, styles and shapes work best.

I can either plan to meet you at Cliveden house, where we will have a brief chat over a glass of champagne, and then clients can chose to be chauffeur driven to the preferred shopping location 

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