About Me ....

I am a qualified Personal Stylist. 

Offering a wide range of luxury services from, Personal Shopping, Wardrobe Edits, Body Shape Analysis, Colour Consultations, Celebrity Styling, Corporate Styling, Wedding Party Styling, Personal Shopping Concierge Services and Bespoke Services

Having worked in the Corporate world for over 10 years I decided that enough was enough and it was time to do something for me. As a mummy of two small children working 12 hours days and not seeing daylight hours no longer cut it. 

The time came for me to follow my passion for fashion and become a Personal Stylist, I am now a London College of Style graduate with a Diploma in Personal Styling

I focus on all aspects of personal styling, from understanding and analysing my client's body shape, to me this is the most important starting point. By working with all body shapes I am able to understand styles that flatter each body type. 

I also offer colour consultation. Colour can help you look and feel amazing. Colour has a huge impact not only on how we look and feel but also the way that you are being perceived by others. I work with my clients to help them understand the colours that are best suited to them, by looking at skin tone, eye and hair colour and what colours work together in order to make them look and feel fab! 

Wardrobe Edits are pretty essential too. I offer a detailed audit, edit and rework of existing items. The main aim here is to remove the items that do not work for your shape and colour. 

I like to work through the clothes that my clients all ready have and show them ways to combine them to make new looks. Once completed each client will then receive a shopping list of missing items - could be basics or key to the capsule wardrobe.

Finally, Personal Shopping. Once I have a good idea of the client's body shape, colours and styles, I take them shopping. This can be for a few items, a new wardrobe or an event. 

Sounds good doesn't it ? 

‘Claire is a wonderful personal stylist, a rare gem of talent who understands innately how to bring out the natural beauty in all her clients. She has a lovely energy and great knowledge that guarantees enormous enjoyment as well as a valuable and insightful experience too’. Wendy Elsmore Director LCS

Fashion fades, only style remains the same. Coco Chanel

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